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Optical Gratings: Periodic Structures for Diffracting Light

Jenoptik manufactures optical gratings, including the e²® pulse compression grating from a variety of materials including high laser damage threshold materials. Superior design combined with flexible manufacturing technologies provides excellent diffraction efficiency for your custom applications.

Optical gratings for  diffracting light

Gratings from Jenoptik can be binary or kinoform structures, which diffract light according to their design. Jenoptik uses unique lithography patterning processes to create customer-specific gratings from a variety of materials for wavelengths ranging from UV to IR.

Pulse compression gratings

Femtosecond lasers with high output power require a complex setup to amplify chirped laser pulses (chirped pulse amplification = CPA). Jenoptik can fabricate dielectric pulse compression gratings (PCGs) for use in  these CPA set ups. Our PCGs can be used in transmission or reflection assuming polarization and are designed for use in "Littrow" configuration.

Jenoptik´s pulse compression gratings are custom designed and fabricated.  We select the best materials, including high-purity fused silica in sizes up to 270 mm, which can withstand a high laser damage threshold and guarantees a high level of transmission across a broad wavelength range. As a result, you can expect an increase in the output power by up to 20 percent of your CPA setup, when compared with four pass set up using metal reflective gratings.

Jenoptik also manufactures efficiency-enhanced e²®pulse compression gratings, which were developed specifically for use in transmission configurations using high groove densities and feature a two-sided AR coating. These transmission gratings offer a diffraction efficiency of up to 98 percent with line densities >1700 lines per millimeter and can be used at different application wavelengths (e.g. 800 nm, 1030 nm).


  • Highly efficient: Maximum diffraction efficiency enhances the performance of your laser
  • Flexible: Customer-specific design tailored to your application
  • High line densities: Enable compact product design and high pulse compression
  • Durable: Monolithic fused silica and excellent dielectric AR coating system for high damage thresholds

Fields of Application

  • Laser material processing: Femtosecond lasers cavity configurations

Blazed gratings

Blazed gratings to optimize diffraction efficiency

Blazed gratings are optical gratings, which are design in such a way to optimize diffraction efficiency for a specific diffraction order. Although blaze gratings are typically designed for single wavelengths and small diffraction angles, Jenoptik´s blazed gratings can also work at larger angles.

Like other optical gratings, blazed gratings are periodic in design, which determines to final diffraction angle. The profile of the blazed grating is a triangular cross section, often called a  sawtooth-shaped cross section. Jenoptik can fabricate blazed gratings with very tight control on the period and the angle of the saw tooth cross section, which results in a high diffraction efficiency in the desired diffraction order.

Benefits of blazed grating

  • Highly effective: maximum diffraction efficiency.
  • Flexible: wide range of materials, transmission and reflection possible


  • Spectroscopy: grating prisms (GRISM) and spectrometers for beam steering and splitting.


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