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UFO Probe™ card – new test card for PIC wafer testing

Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) are the chips of the future. Integrated photonics use light instead of electricity for data and signal processing.

The UFO Probecard is the tool for simultaneously testing the optical and electronic functionalities of PIC. The Jenoptik probe card is based on a concept for optical scanning of photonic integrated circuits, which is insensitive to alignment tolerances of the wafer sampler. The opto-electronic test card can, therefore, be used with commercially available wafer samplers and ensures a correspondingly high throughput when testing photonic integrated circuits.

Speed up the world

Thanks to Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs), optics is becoming the key to fast data communication. The UFO Probe™ card for PIC wafer level testing is setting new standards, linking the present and the future.
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New challenges for wafer testing

PICs are produced in a wide variety of designs on wafers using classic lithography methods and with existing equipment from established semiconductor manufacturers. The wafers are manufactured in almost the same way as electronic components.

Wafer testing poses its own unique challenge. Due to additional optical components to be tested, the test throughput rates have not yet been achieved as is the case with established IC function tests. Test solutions for visual inspection still have to be procured and integrated, too. A complex realignment of the optical interfaces of the test device in the submicron range is also required for each chip.

A step ahead with Jenoptik

The UFO Probe™ card allows simultaneous testing of electronic and optical functions for the first time – i.e. ICs and PICs – with just one test card. What's special about this case is that both work on existing test infrastructure. Furthermore, the UFO Probe™ card from Jenoptik does not require each chip to be set up individually. This saves a lot of time.
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The PIC ecosystem can be expanded thanks to an efficient test method for high-throughput serial production; and the test time is reduced thanks to parallel qualification of multiple chips.


The only commercial test solution for high-volume production that can run on standard test equipment.


Scrap is identified at an early stage of production for improved yield: All testing of all PICs can be carried out on a wafer.

Plug and Play

It is designed to operate in standard IC testers and automated testers. Low outlay and commissioning costs.


Fault parts are identified early on for increased yield and optimized production flow.


The pitch and number of optical I/O channels can be configured to suit you.

Probe card applications now and in the future

The current UFO Probetechnology is specifically designed for wafer testing of photonic integrated circuits (PICs), especially for optical transceivers. Other applications include: LEDs/micro-LEDs, VCSEL, photodiodes, MEMS mirrors and PCM structures.

They can easily be integrated into existing test infrastructure

Detailed view of a built-in probe card

The UFO Probe™ card is intended to be used for operation on standard IC probers and/or automated test equipment. So, Jenoptik offers a plug-and-play solution for PIC wafer level tests. Depending on requirements, standard interfaces to wafer samplers can be easily implemented in the layout/design of the probe card – for example, in European card format. The handling of the UFO Probe™ card is similar to that of electrical test cards, so existing personnel won't need extensive extra training.

UFO Probe™ card allows parallel IC and PIC testing

Function of the UFO Probe®Card: parallel testing of ICs and PICs
  • Monolithic optical module
  • Orientation-insensitive optical coupling for vertically emitting PICs
  • Simultaneous optical and electrical scanning
  • Use of proven needle technology (partnership with test card manufacturers)
  • Standard interface to wafer sampler can be implemented: e.g. European card format

Technical details of the UFO Probe™ optoelectronic card


Current generation

Future generations

Component to be tested
(Device under test/DUT)

Electronic and photonic integrated circuit (EPIC); optical transceivers for data transmission and telecommunications applications

EPIC for transceivers, photodiodes,
biosensors and Solid State LIDAR

Electric needle technology


Cantilever, vertical/advanced

Optical coupling principle DUT

Vertical coupling


Number of optical inputs/outputs (OI/OO)

Up to 16


Pitch OI/OO

250 μm


Layout configuration of OI/OO arrays

Linear arrangement with same direction of inputs/outputs

Configurable to own needs

Coupling bracket

0° and 11.6°

0° - 20°

Supported wavelength

1,310 nm and 1,550 nm

VISto NIR (U-band)

Measurement of insertion loss

Repeatability: ~ 0.3 – 0.5 dB

Repeatability target: 0.1 dB

RF measurement

Up to 100 MHz



European card format

European card format,
ATE interface

The UFO Probe™ card in European card format

You can find the video here for an all-round view of Jenoptik’s new test card. Discover the unique technology platform that can also be adapted for other applications.


The modern world needs optical data communication and solutions for efficient manufacturing

  • The networked world

    ... generates vast amounts of data which must be processed ever faster.

  • Silicon Photonics (SiPh) chips

    ... are the main components for a new generation of high-performance tranceivers.

  • Transceivers

    ... convert data from electrical to optical signals and vice versa.

  • Optical communication

    ... helps data centers to achieve increasing data rates and high data volumes.

  • Semiconductor

    ... manufacturers and test service providers need test solutions that are compatible with their existing infrastructure and that are easy to integrate.

  • UFO Probe™ Card

    ... combines optical and electronic function testing in one test card. It is plug & play solution easy to integrate into existing wafer probers.

Detailed product information

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