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Small but Extremely Powerful: 275-Watt Passively-Cooled Diode Laser for Hard Pulse and CW Conditions 

Our new generation of high-performance diode lasers are all about increased power, reduced costs per watt, smaller laser system dimensions, and above all, simpler design.

diode laser

Diode Laser 275 Watt

With an output power of 275 watts, a compact size, smart heat management functionality, and innovative connection technology, these next-generation lasers really do deliver – and not just on top performance but on reduced costs and complexity too! They open new doors for you, as a manufacturer of laser systems and devices, to develop even more compact and higher performance systems for applications requiring extremely high power levels and efficient heat removal.

Inreased Power for Wide Range of Applications

275 Watt LK
Our diode laser consistently delivers 275 watts in hard pulse and CW operation, giving it a significant performance advantage over other diode lasers available on the market. This makes it the perfect choice for a host of industrial material processing applications, such as laser cutting and welding, and guarantees exceptional productivity rates and outstanding work quality. Our diode laser is also a key photonic component for many beauty and dermatological treatments in the healthcare & life sciences sector.

Reduced Costs per Watt

price performance diode laser

Looking for a reliable and powerful diode laser for your laser system, which combines exceptionally high output power with outstanding cost efficiency? Then look no further than our 275-watt diode laser. Since the output power is higher, you need fewer of these diode lasers to achieve the same laser performance for your system. This reduces the costs for the system itself and, in turn, for your applications.

Simple Integration and Adaption for Existing Systems

CS package footprint

Your existing laser systems can be easily adapted at little expense thanks to our standardized heat sinks, which have the same footprint as CS packages, for example. Quick and simple integration into existing devices was a key focus in this design process.

Smaller Dimensions and Simpler Design

smaller package

With industrial manufacturers looking to use as little space as possible and the biophotonics sector focusing on the miniaturization of devices, high performance diode lasers with compact dimensions are in demand. When developing our latest laser, space savings were therefore an important consideration for our engineers. As well as saving on space, our new lasers also help to reduce costs. Until now, a large number of laser sources where required to reach a power level in the kilowatt range. Now, far fewer diode lasers are required, meaning your system is smaller and also less complex.

Rapid Power Scaling

power scaling diode laser

By increasing the power of our laser sources to 275 watts, we have made it easy to increase the performance of your laser system at limited expense. Our latest diode lasers can be quickly integrated into your existing system to achieve a power level in the kilowatt range.

Applications High-power diode laser

  • Laser material processing: Laser cutting, laser welding, soldering, hardening, and tempering
  • Direct diode laser applications
  • Printing industry
  • Pump source for solid-state and fiber lasers
  • Healthcare & life sciences: laser-based treatments

High Performance - Thanks to Technology

Thanks to our innovative and patented mounting and connection technology, our passively-cooled diode laser can achieve an extremely high power level for reliable hard pulse and CW operation.

Previous mounting and connection technologies relied on laser bars being soldered onto heat sinks; these soldered connections could become weakened by mechanical forces exerted under hard pulse conditions and by the associated fluctuations in temperature. We have therefore developed a new technique that does away with soldering altogether, meaning the connection is much more stable, more robust and can withstand fluctuations in temperature during hard pulse operation.

The smart heat management functionality also ensures optimum heat distribution so that the laser stays sufficiently cool even in hot operating temperatures. Efficient heat removal is achieved by cooling the laser bar on both sides.

Highly Efficient Semiconductor Produced In-house

We are established specialists in our field with many years’ experience in the development and production of reliable high-performance diode lasers. When producing our lasers, we use only our own semiconductor materials, produced in-house at our production site in Berlin-Adlershof under stringent cleanliness standards. So, we can guarantee top performance and exceptional quality standards.

Product Features of our Next Generation Diode Laser

  • Consistently high output power of 275 W
  • Available in wavelengths of 9xx nm
  • Hard pulse and CW operation
  • Simple passive cooling
  • Exceptional reliability and efficiency

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