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275 Watt Diode Laser for Hard Pulse and CW Conditions

Our latest 275 watt high-power diode laser for hard pulse and CW conditions sets new standards for applications in laser material processing and the Healthcare & Life Science industry with a wide range of customer benefits.

Higher power with a lower cost per watt

price performance diode laser

Fewer diode lasers are required for the same level of performance. This reduces the costs for your system and, consequently, for your applications.

Less complexity with a smaller package

smaller package

Using fewer diode lasers decreases the complexity and size of your laser system.

Simple adaption to existing systems 

CS package footprint

For example, with our standardized heat sink, which has the same footprint as our CS packages, existing laser systems can be adapted at little expense.

Easy power scaling of the laser

power scaling diode laser

The increased performance of the laser source allows the power of the laser system to be increased at little expense.

Next Generation of Diode Lasers

Thanks to Jenoptik’s patented mounting and connection technology, the new passively-cooled diode laser is able to achieve extremely high performance in hard pulse and CW application. The laser source is available in wavelengths of 9xx nanometers.

For the production of our high-power diode laser, we exclusively use the efficient and high-performance semiconductor materials that we produce ourselves. This guarantees top performance in hard pulse applications as well as the utmost quality and reliability. Manufacturers of laser systems benefit from lower costs and more high-power applications.

The Product Features of our Next Generation Diode Laser

275 Watt LK

Significant increase in performance compared to other diode lasers available on the market.

hard-pulsed conditions

Extremely reliable, even in hard pulse conditions.

cw operation

Continuous CW operation at 275 watts.

passively cooled

Passive cooling despite its high power and small dimensions.

Take your applications to the next level

  • Laser Material Processing: Laser cutting, laser welding, soldering, hardening, and tempering
  • Direct diode laser applications
  • Printing Industry
  • Pump source for solid-state and fiber lasers.
  • Healthcare & Life Science: Laser-based treatments

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