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Gun turret drives: Electric stabilization systems for military ground vehicles

Gun turret drives from Jenoptik are fast, precise and energy-efficient.

Jenoptik develops and produces stabilized and non-stabilized drive systems for turrets and weapon systems on armored ground vehicles. With our stabilization systems, you can continuously acquire and track targets even on uneven terrain. Alignment movements can be automatically stabilized or controlled manually.

Our gun turret drives deliver a fast response, are exceptionally quiet and are both precise and reliable in their operation. They are also compact and very lightweight. The drives also offer an excellent level of efficiency with low power consumption. Key features include their excellent precision alignment and high adjustment speeds.

We plan and construct complete electric stabilization systems for you, based on your specific requirements. At the same time, we supply you with subsystems such as electric drives and power electronics, along with individual components, for example motion sensors, gyros, control units and displays. These products from our GTdrive® family can be installed in your existing vehicles or platforms, enabling you to simultaneously enhance the performance of your tank and modernize it.


  • Efficient: Precise and fast response, minimal power consumption.
  • Ready to use: No settings or adjustments necessary.
  • Technologically sophisticated: Thanks to our employees' many years of experience and expertise.
  • Reliable and durable: Low costs thanks to minimal maintenance and repairs.
  • Customized: All components and systems precisely meet your individual requirements.
  • Comprehensive range of services: From planning to production through to spare parts purchasing.

Fields of application

  • Defense and security technology, system houses and procurement organizations: Alignment and stabilization of weapon systems on tanks.

Product preview

GTdrive® electric drive systems

GTdrive® Electric drives

GTdrive® drive systems are designed to meet the specific requirements of ground vehicles working in difficult terrain. These systems use state-of-the-art drives (linear or rotary) from Jenoptik. If required, the systems can be fitted with a redundant emergency drive, consisting of a mechanical manual drive or an electric drive.

Our products are optimized for use in military stabilization systems. They are exceptionally resistant to arctic or tropical environmental influences. Moreover, they are extremely quiet, reliable and almost maintenance free in their operation, resulting in very low life cycle costs. The drives are also resistant to shocks and vibration, and have low backlash and friction.

An elevation drive stabilizes the weapons on armored vehicles. It moves the weapon about the trunnion axis as specified by the control electronics.

A azimuth drive stabilizes the turrets on armored vehicles. It moves and aligns the turret about the vehicle's vertical axis as specified by the control electronics.

Services: Installation, commissioning, optimization, training, repair.

GTdrive® stabilization and power electronics

GTdrive® Power Electronics

The GTdrive® stabilization and power electronics are fully digitalized. These electronics include the power output stages, the control for the elevation and traversing drives and all necessary monitoring functions, as well as the communication interface to the vehicle system. The power output stages convert the supply voltage from the carrier vehicle into three-phase systems. The servo motors are also supplied and actuated via this setup.

The GTdrive® electronics are insensitive to arctic and tropical environmental influences. On uneven terrain, the electronics demonstrate exceptional resistance to shocks and vibration. They can be used in all available on-board systems, provided the necessary safety standards are met. Thanks to modern semiconductors, the level of heat loss is low, allowing cooling by natural convection. The devices are tested for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and comply with the MIL and VG standards.

A testing and diagnostic system is integrated into the stabilization and power electronics. This feature enables you to monitor the entire GTdrive® system and localize any faults.

Services: Installation, commissioning, optimization, training, repair.

GTdrive® components

GTdrive® Components

The electric stabilization systems in the GTdrive® range use specially developed sensor and operating components. What's more, Jenoptik provides you with all the peripheral components you need for your GTdrive® systems. If required, we can supply you with stationary testing systems and mobile test equipment, to enable you to test and repair your systems.

Possible components:

  • Weapon gyro packages, turret gyro, acceleration sensors.
  • Control handles for gunner and commander.
  • Elevation and traversing position indicators, deck clearance sensor.
  • Control units for commander, gunner and loader.
  • On-board system distributor, slip ring assembly, cable sets for connecting components to one another and to the on-board system.
  • Electronic turret position displays.
  • Testing systems (mobile and stationary).



Solenoids are primarily used as firing magnets for main and secondary weapons in armored ground vehicles. Our high-performance DC solenoids meet the demanding electrical, mechanical and climatic requirements for modern weapons systems: They are made of high-quality materials and have been manufactured using the latest production techniques.

Depending on the magnet type and application, the different assemblies perform the following functions:

  • Attachment of the solenoid
  • Holding of components for the electrical supply connection
  • Return to original position
  • Stroke limitation
  • Holding and operation of auxiliary switches
Products and performance specifications at a glance
  SM 50
SM 187
SM 191
SM 2x220
 Operating range
 18 VDC ... 32 VDC
 18 VDC ... 32 VDC  18 VDC ... 32 VDC  18 VDC ... 32 VDC
 Nominal current
 4.8 A
 25 A
 25 A
 185 A
 Nominal force (at 24 VDC nominal current)  160 N
 150 N
 272 N
 883 N
 Maximum stroke
 3.2 mm
 16 mm
 15 mm
 30 mm
 Dimensions (B x L x T)
 57 mm x 94 mm x 73 mm
 55 mm x 157 mm x 55 mm  55 mm x 171 mm x 55 mm   72 mm x 375 mm x 121 mm
 Weight  1.1 kg
 1.3 kg
 1.8 kg
 6.3 kg
 Operating temperature  -35 °C ... +80 °C
 -35 °C ... +80 °C  -50 °C ... +80 °C  -50 °C ... +80 °C
 Protection class
 IP 33
 IP 33  IP 33  IP 33


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