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Semiconductor Material

Thanks to precise controls, our laser bars, semi-bars and single emitters meet the highest quality standards of our customers.

Laser bars

Product feature

  • Wavelength: 760 - 1060nm
  • Output power: 6 - 500W
  • Operation mode: CW / QCW
  • Filling factor: - - 75%
  • Resonator length: 0.6 - 4.0mm

We produce our semiconductor materials under the strictest quality controls. We work only with state-of-the-art epitaxy, processing and facet coating technology. Our bars, semi-bars and single emitters for high-power diode lasers therefore meet the most exacting demands: They are extremely reliable, efficient and durable.

Our semiconductor products are easily assembled using standard soldering methods. The material supports both soft solder (indium) and hard solder (gold/tin). We deliver our laser bars to you with emitter structures separated on the p-side as standard. On request, we can also produce bars with continuous p-side metalization and adapted facet coatings, using low AR coatings for the assembly of external resonators.


  • Highest quality: We strictly monitor the production of our semiconductor products in clearly defined processes.
  • Powerful: High, reliable output power and ideal beam characteristics.
  • Economical: Our semiconductors are very efficient and are characterized by a long service life.

Fields of Application

  • Industry: Semiconductors for high-power diode lasers in direct material processing, for heating or lighting. Semiconductors as pumping sources for fiber and solid-state lasers. Use in printing technology.
  • Medicine: Esthetics, dermatology and surgery.

Product Views

Technical Specifications

  • InGaAs-based semiconductors
  • Optical output power: 6watts to 200watts cw and 500watts qcw
  • Standard wavelengths: 760 to 1060nanometers (others available on request)
  • Fill factors: 10%, 20%, 30%, 50%, 75% (others available on request)
  • Resonator lengths: 0.6mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 4.0mm (others available on request)
  • Optional: low AR coating (typically < 0.3%)
  • Optional: continuous metalization


Variation of Products

Wavelength in nmOutput power in WOperation modeFilling factor in %Resonator length in mmProduct name / data sheet
76040CW301.5 JDL-BAB-30-19-760-TE-40-1.5
79260CW302.0 JDL-BAB-30-19-792-TE-60-2.0
8086CW-4.0 JDL-BAE-25-100-808-TM-6-4.0
8088CW-4.0 JDL-BAE-33-200-808-TM-8-4.0
80810CW-4.0 JDL-BAE-33-200-808-TM-10-4.0
80820CW300.6 JDL-BAB-30-19-808-TE-20-0.6
80840CW301.0 JDL-BAB-30-19-808-TE-40-1.0
80840CW501.0 JDL-BAB-50-47-808-TE-40-1.0
80850CW201.5 JDL-BAB-20-19-808-TE-50-1.5
80850CW301.5 JDL-BAB-30-19-808-TE-50-1.5
80860CW202.0 JDL-BAB-20-19-808-TE-60-2.0
80860CW302.0 JDL-BAB-30-19-808-TE-60-2.0
80860CW501.5 JDL-BAB-50-47-808-TE-60-1.5
80880CW502.0 JDL-BAB-50-47-808-TE-80-2.0
808300QCW751.5 JDL-BAB-75-62-808-TE-300-1.5
880500QCW751.5 JDL-BAB-75-37-880-TE-500-1.5
905200CW504.0 JDL-BAB-50-23-905-TE-200-4.0
91540CW301.0 JDL-BAB-30-19-915-TE-40-1.0
91560CW201.5 JDL-BAB-20-19-915-TE-60-1.5
91580CW202.0 JDL-BAB-20-19-915-TE-80-2.0
91580CW302.0 JDL-BAB-30-19-915-TE-80-2.0
915200CW504.0 JDL-BAB-50-23-915-TE-200-4.0
94060CW201.5 JDL-BAB-20-19-940-TE-60-1.5
94060CW301.5 JDL-BAB-30-19-940-TE-60-1.5
94080CW202.0 JDL-BAB-20-19-940-TE-80-2.0
94080CW302.0 JDL-BAB-30-19-940-TE-80-2.0
94080CW501.5 JDL-BAB-50-47-940-TE-80-1.5
940120CW502.0 JDL-BAB-50-47-940-TE-120-2.0
940200CW504.0 JDL-BAB-50-23-940-TE-200-4.0
940200CW504.0 JDL-BAB-50-45-940-TE-200-4.0
940300QCW751.5 JDL-BAB-75-37-940-TE-300-1.5
97660CW201.5 JDL-BAB-20-19-976-TE-60-1.5
97660CW301.5 JDL-BAB-30-19-976-TE-60-1.5
97680CW202.0 JDL-BAB-20-19-976-TE-80-2.0
97680CW302.0 JDL-BAB-30-19-976-TE-80-2.0
97680CW501.5 JDL-BAB-50-47-976-TE-80-1.5
976120CW502.0 JDL-BAB-50-47-976-TE-120-2.0
1020120CW502.0 JDL-BAB-50-23-1020-TE-120-2.0
1020200CW504.0 JDL-BAB-50-23-1020-TE-200-4.0
106010CW4.0 JDL-BAE-17-090-1060-TE-10-4.0
106040CW301.0 JDL-BAB-30-19-1060-TE-40-1_0
106060CW301.5 JDL-BAB-30-19-1060-TE-60-1_5
106080CW202.0 JDL-BAB-20-19-1060-TE-80-2.0
1060120CW502.0 JDL-BAB-50-23-1060-TE-120-2_0
1060200CW504.0 JDL-BAB-50-23-1060-TE-200-4_0
1060250QCW501.5 JDL-BAB-50-47-1060-TE-250-1.5
1060350QCW751.5 JDL-BAB-75-37-1060-TE-350-1.5

Semiconductor Material



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