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Objective Lenses and Beam Expanders for High-Precision Laser Material Processing

These objective lenses and beam expanders are extremely durable and effective. They are easy to use in your individual beam guidance systems.


Lasers are ideal tools when it comes to processing materials quickly and efficiently — they can be used for cutting, marking, engraving, drilling and structuring purposes. Our high-quality objective lenses and beam expanders meet the tough requirements of laser material processing. Make the most of our know-how and our experts' many years of experience in optical systems.

We will offer you the right objective lenses and beam expanders for your application and laser type. Jenoptik has developed the JENar® F-theta objective lenses for use in micromachining with medium and high-power lasers. They are available for wavelengths of 1080 to 355 nanometers.

For applications with high-power and short-pulse lasers, you can use our full-fused silica lenses in the Silverline™ F-theta product family. They are available for wavelengths of 1080 to 266 nanometers. When used in conjunction with our beam expanders with up to tenfold beam expansion, the objective lenses can be integrated into your different beam guidance systems.

All objective lenses and beam expanders are available either as individual modules or can be integrated into existing systems in accordance with your individual requirements. All optical systems undergo application-based acceptance testing to ensure that they meet the toughest requirements when it comes to quality and series stability.


  • Extremely durable: Thanks to special, low-contamination mounting technology
  • Customized: Available as a standard selection or adapted to your individual requirements
  • Efficient: Feasibility studies and FEM analyses are conducted in advance to save time and money
  • Tested: High-performance testing technology (e.g. wavefront sensors, center measuring devices, application-based testing) is used to calibrate and test optical assemblies and objective lenses

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Fields of Application

  • Microelectronics: E.g. micro structuring of glass
  • Semiconductor industry: E.g. marking semiconductor chips
  • Automotive industry: E.g. cutting and structuring composites
  • Solar cell manufacturing: E.g. edge removal
  • Medicine: E.g. removing gauze in therapeutic applications

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