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Diagnostic Imaging Platform for uses in cell imaging, molecular diagnostics and flow cytometry

Enabling high-performance in vitro diagnostics thanks to our high-resolution digital imaging solution JENOPTIK SYIONS, which can be configured in line with customer requirements for their next-generation IVD devices.


You can use our modular, miniaturized diagnostic imaging platform JENOPTIK SYIONS for livecell imaging, molecular diagnostics and flow cytometry in scientific and clinical environments. Jenoptik’s in vitro diagnostic(IVD) solution can be integrated into your medical system or laboratory deviceto quickly, efficiently and automatically generate, process and analyze all types of digital image data. For instance, the cell imaging or tissue samples examination can be achieved in a very short time.

JENOPTIK SYIONS combines our broad technology know-how such as efficient LED illumination, optical elements, high-resolution camera and auto-focus, as well as X/Y scanners, electronics and Jenoptik’s modular software, to create an efficient digital diagnostic imaging platform. On this basis together with you we will develop and manufacture a certified ISO 9001:2015 tailor-made in vitro diagnostic solution for your laboratory equipment. Rely on our longstanding experience in the development and manufacturing of our well-established technologies to Jenoptik’s proven quality standards. Thanks to the compact design, your diagnostic devices are decreasing in size while, at the same time, reliability is increasing. Our powerful technology modules enables you to produce series of IVD laboratory equipment cheaply in smaller production runs and quickly bring them to market.


  • Tailored: Modular, individually configurable diagnostic imaging platform
  • Fast: Efficient, fast and automated IVD diagnostics
  • Reliable: Trustworthy and robust Jenoptik technologies manufactured to proven quality standards
  • Cost saving & scalable: Standardized Jenoptik technologies enable the fast development and market introduction of cheaper laboratory systems, even in smaller production runs
  • Compact: Miniaturized and intelligent complete solution for digital image capture, processing and analysis
  • Compatible: Easy integration into in vitro diagnostic devices

Fields of Application

  • Life science: Live cell imaging, flow cytometry and molecular diagnostics

Possible uses in cell imaging, molecular diagnostics and flow cytometry

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