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Highly effective assemblies and subsystems in the field of optoelectronics

As a reliable development and production partner, Jenoptik provides you with optoelectronic assemblies and subsystems, while also assisting with system integration.

We offer combined competencies to ensure your success: From the optics division, for example, we supply high-quality glass and polymer optics, free-form optics and mirrors. Our semiconductor division provides active components such as color sensors and light-emitting diode. We take charge of the circuit design and develop suitable software. We then assemble the optical components with maximum precision in clean-room conditions.

We can thus provide you with optoelectronic assemblies and subsystems that are tailored to your specific application. We also coordinate our production and logistics concepts with your supply chain.

Throughout this process, Jenoptik always adheres to the highest quality standards. We manufacture in accordance with the quality standards ISO 9002, 14001 and EN ISO 13485, while complete ESD protection is ensured throughout the entire assembly process. We also label all our products, thus ensuring full traceability at all times – even by third-parties and after many years of use.

Jenoptik has established itself as a trusted strategic development and production partner to top players in the field of optoelectronics, providing support along the entire value chain


  • Reliable: we support you throughout the entire value chain
  • Customer-specific: tailored optoelectronics for your individual application
  • Expertise: Jenoptik is an experienced development and production partner
  • Certified: all our optoelectronic assemblies and subsystems meet the highest quality standards
  • Long-term availability: spare parts are supplied for the next eight years as a minimum

Fields of Application

  • Industry: lighting concepts, quality control in the food industry, optical switches for high-speed data transmission, progress cameras
  • Medicine: camera and lighting modules for endoscopy,dental devise, sensors for blood analysis, lighting concepts for medical technology
  • Transport: color-accurate light control and lighting concepts in means of transport
  • Semi: chip packaging


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